Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Welcome Kristi!!

You may have noticed the last post for the Spicy Meat and Cheese Strombolis was posted by someone new!!! (If you haven't seen the post, check it out.... they look delicious!!) We have invited Kristi to post on The Peppered Pantry and are excited to see what flavor "The South" can bring to the blog!

For the ones that don't know, the posts are coming from all over the country!! Holly is coming to us from Washington, while Michelle blogs in South Dakota and Kristi has joined us from South Carolina!!


  1. Thanks guys:)) I feel honored and I hope you all like what I bring to the blog:))

  2. Very Cool!!

    What's funny is that I noticed the new counter top right away!! ;)

    Are you three women friends or did you meet through blogging?

  3. We are friends:) That's funny about the counter top thing! I always am looking at the backgrounds of peoples pictures too:)

  4. What exciting news!! Yeah! Cant wait to see what wonderful things people contribute!