Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Almond Roca Cake

I do realize that most people are probably thinking health food but....
hurry and make this before you make those nasty New Years resolutions!!
I just had to post this one since I've been hinting at it for the last few weeks!
If you have a birthday or know someone who has a birthday coming up or if you just want cake..
I highly recommend this decadent, chocolatey, creamy cake/wonder!!
I made this for my hubby's birthday, who absolutely loves almond roca candy, so I figured I try to come up with a cake that tastes the same and it turned out perfectly;)

Start out with a basic chocolate cake.
Bake in 2 9 inch round pans.

Layer on filling {printable}

Drizzle with caramel

throw on some more filling

Layer cakes on top of each other
You can kinda see the yummy Almond Roca I made to top the cake.

coat the whole cake in a semi-thick layer of the filling

Make the chocolate ganache {printable}

drizzle over-Mmmmyummy!

Then sprinkle with some remaining almond roca.

Enjoy this cake soon you can work-out the next day;)


  1. i'm "homer simpson" drooling right now :)

  2. That cake is going to torment me until I make it. :) It looks so good!

  3. WOW! I'm definitely craving some healthy food after the past couple of weeks but I could probably make an exception for this cake :)

  4. That looks completely decadent...perfect for a birthday. Yum!

  5. This looks incredible....I could dive right in. :)

  6. Made this cake - was fabulous. Thanks a ton!