Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Ham

Got a plan for that Christmas ham yet???
Well I have a delicious option for you!
A couple years ago Michelle and I along with 1 of my sisters, went up north to Bothell for a weekend trip and came across this adorable place...

Located in the quaint Country Village and if you are local to Seattle check this place out!
The Village is filled with tons of little shops including a yummy bakery and hot dog stand:)
Paula's Pepper Jelly has some awesome jellies, sauces, vinegar and oils!!
After alot of tasting we bought some Pumpkin pepper jelly along with a couple other small jars of other flavors we wanted to try and some really delicious and award winning I might add, Boogie Pineapple Habanero BBQ sauce.
Now about that pumpkin pepper jelly-we went ahead and slathered it all over our ham and...........
It was some of the best tasting ham I've had in forever!!
We really wondered about how pumpkin and ham would taste together but I'm totally convinced that pumpkin can go with just about anything!
It was so good the spicy sweetness of the pumpkin paired with the salty ham was amazing-melt in your mouth good!:)
They have about every flavor imaginable so head over and find one that suits your taste buds!

We are heading up to the Space Needle {YAY!} for my hubby's company Christmas party-should be fun:)
Have a Happy Weekend!!


  1. What a cute little place!

    Also, super jealous of your party in the Space Needle! Sounds so cool!

  2. i LOVE places like this. the ham looks divine!

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  4. The flavor combo sounds fantastic, I could taste it as you described it. Wish I had some handy!!!

  5. This place reminds me of a spot at the Oregon Coast. Hope you had fun at the Space Needle. I've been wanting to go up there forever. Someday. ;)