Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cinnamon Dolce White Chocolate Cupcakes

This cupcake for Merry Mondays is an ode to my sister:)
Her favorite drink from Starbucks is the Cinnamon Dolce White Chocolate Mocha.
I can't believe this is the last Merry Monday-it's been so much fun!!
Thanks Taylor and Claire for teaming up to host!!
This is one sweet cupcake and I'm told it tastes exactly like the drink-Yay!! I've never actually tasted this drink but I might sneak a taste next time she gets it;)
I love the sweetness of the white chocolate paired with the spicy cinnamon and then there is the meringue filling-to die for good!!!

Our inspiration:)
We started with a basic white cake mix which we added the cinnamon dolce syrup to.

We wanted really light and airy cupcakes so we used egg whites and they were perfectly fluffy:)

Cut out the center...

then over flowed them with the meringue filling..

topped them off with a delectable white chocolate frosting/glaze.

A sprinkle of spicy Saigon cinnamon finished them off quite perfectly!
Enjoy these with a cup of strong coffee;)
Merry Monday to you all!!


  1. Wow, these are making me drool and it's only 6:00am. Love the filling in there!

  2. They look beautiful! How inspiring!!!

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  4. These cupcakes sound amazing! I love that you use white chocolate in here. Growing up I never really liked white chocolate but it has grown on me and I really can appreciate it now. I've never had this drink from Starbucks before but I'd love to try it now. I bet it has just as many calories as this cupcake though! ;]

  5. Um, wow! How did I miss these? I love that flavor from Starbucks come holiday season. :-) What a fun idea!