Thursday, December 30, 2010


These are a great appetizer for New Years Eve or even a snack for other parties. These are so simple and are so DELISH!!!  They were a hit with even the kiddos…

3 simple Ingredients:

3 lbs. of smokies, any flavor or a mixture {we like the jalapeño and cheddar ones}

12 oz. apple jelly

1c regular mustard

Mix apple jelly and mustard well. Place all in a Crockpot and heat till smokies do not pop when you bite into them and that's all there is to them!!!


I'm sorry I don't have a picture of the finished product but when they are done they brown up and caramelize a little…you’re just going to have to take my word that they are delish!!!

Printable Recipe


  1. These look so delicious! We do them with chili sauce and grape jelly. They were a Christmas Eve appetizer for us. I will have to try this version next time!!!

  2. Little Smokies are a favorite here- this sounds delicious! Hope you have a wonderful new year!

  3. This recipe is totally different from the little smokie recipes I make. I am going to print out the recipe, so I won't forget to give it a try. I love trying new recipes!

  4. we always have little smokies on new years and i love them! these look great!

  5. Wishing you a great blogging new year.

  6. I'm sure they're a terrific appetizer!