Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt Cake

You can't always judge a cake by its frosting....

Posted by Holly and Michelle

The inspiration for this cake came from I am baker who does a lot of different cakes with a surprise inside. If you haven't been to her blog I highly, highly, recommend it! One very talented woman:) Amanda just posted an Easter Egg cake with the cutest surprise inside so go and check it out!

Above is Michelle's cake and below is my {Holly} three. She topped hers with white chocolate curls and mine has crumbled cake.

Little minis:)


This was the first time i {Michelle} attempted one of these "surprise cakes"!! I was so scared to cut into the cake... i thought it was going to be disastrous! Jimmy (My husband) and I worked on this cake together and let me tell you, i sure wasn't the brainy one!! Jimmy did the "zig-zag" design and has tried to explain to me several times how he did it... yep, still am confused! I tried to make dots along the whole pink layer but didn't quite get it right and there is only a yellow dot occasionally :). (We also forgot to frost between our two middle layers to the cake is tilting a little... lol, character, right?)

We each did our own cakes and have posted them together to show how the same idea can be done several ways!!

We {Hubby and I} decided it would be cute to do mini cakes.
Originally we were going to do 2 4 layer cakes but they would have been
a little too tall.
I was glad to have that many attempts at perfecting the shape of the egg!
The last one-pink topped-was our 1st attempt.
It turned out sorta like a spring colored Christmas tree-Yikes!
That's why we stuck it at the back of the picture;)
The purple-topped was our 2nd attempt,
the green was the 3rd and best:)
You can kinda see on the pink one that I started frosting the bottom-oops!
Oh well, nothing wrong with a little extra frosting right?!?!

The cut out piece (or chunk!) of cake... so cute how you get an Easter egg on every piece!

Here is a little slice so you can see the shape from another angle

It was fun to see what the other came up with,I know I was excited to see what Michelle and Jimmy were going to do! Even though we had talked about what we were each going to be doing I think we were both surprised to actually see the results.
If anyone wants to "see" how the egg came to be in the cakes let me know- cuz I took photo's along the way:)


  1. Too cute and so clever. My kids would love this cake.

  2. I am BLOWN away!!! You did it! And you did it AMAZINGLY well!!! Fantastic job.. I love everything about them!! Really. You guys are awesome!


  3. looks awesome!!! all of them!

  4. Oh my gosh! You guys just rock! I can't even imagine pulling this off. Perfect Easter cake!

  5. Hi there! First time here and boy oh boy, I must say, I'm overwhelmed! Simply amazing.

    Thank you for sharing...Bookmarked!!!

  6. All I can say is wow! These are some really cool cakes. Great job and kudos to hubby for helping you:D

  7. Wow! How neat! And I love the idea of crumbled cake as a topper on those little ones!

  8. How clever! I have to try this! Love the colors and it's almost too pretty to eat!

  9. These cakes are awesome....almost too cute to eat. Good job you girls ( and hubby's)!

  10. These turned out great! Their so cute! I love them.

  11. OMG Those are amazing. How did you do it? I would love to see the step by step photos so I can try it at home too.