Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Egg Nests

How fun are these and so simple!!!


*a box of shredded wheat ( i used strawberry kind to put some color into my nests)
*a bag of marshmellows
*1/4c butter
*candy eggs

You can either do it in the microwave or on the stove..whichever you prefer..First smash all the mini wheats up..this is really fun for the kiddos..then melt a bag of marshmellows and the butter in a big bowl in the microwave. Then mix in all of the crushed up shredded wheat. Mix quickly.. Form nests with your hands (you might want to make sure your hands are sprayed good with some Pam)

Then plop some eggs down on your nest and your done!! 


  1. These are the cutest and easiest I have seen!!

  2. These nests are totally adorable! Love that its a fast-fix too. :)

  3. These are darling! I would love to give these a go for my kids. How fun!

  4. They are almost too cute to eat, almost;D

  5. Simply darling, Holly. I do believe I could "plop" those Easter Egg Nests with no problem.

    Thanks for sharing...

    BTW, I'm playing an April Fool's Day game on my blog until Sunday. Stop by if you get a moment.

  6. These are the cutest ever!

  7. BTW this blog background & heading is soo cute!