Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Roasted Mushroom-Bacon Deviled Eggs

These were quick, easy and very tasty!
My hubby loves deviled eggs so much!! Like crazy-can't get enough of them much! So we decided to each try to come up with a spin-off recipe:)
Something that sounded good to each of us-believe me if you knew my hubby you would know some of the wacked up food combos he comes up with-I'll spare you all the details!
Although I have to admit he does every once in awhile come up with something delicious-like the Heavenly Monte Cristo's-YUM!!
Anywhooo back to the eggs...
Mine were the Roasted Mushroom-Bacon and his were Mexican Style and drum roll please;)
We both decided that mine won this round!
Both recipes are available in the printable and scroll to the bottom for a look at his:)

Here is a rundown of ingredients-mushrooms, bacon, mayo, sour cream, pepper, cumin, course salt, and a little parsley.
Here's me trying to be all creative;)

These lacked a little something but were still good-maybe they needed a little more kick.
Super simple and easy as well, here is the list-sour cream, chunky salsa, fresh cilantro, cumin and black olives for garnish.
These would be an awesome addition for your Superbowl party!


  1. Lol love the creative shot. I think we should play with our food more. I can't imagine these lacking anything! They're so beautiful.


  2. You are creative with the photos!!! The eggs sound and look delicious!

  3. Hubby was just asking about these the other day, we have never tried a deviled egg before. We're doing our first superbowl Monday over here (it's on in the midle of the night), so maybe I should make these! x

  4. LOVE deviled eggs, these look amazing!