Monday, February 7, 2011

"Funfetti" Cupcakes

I was inspired to try my version of Funfetti by Little Bitty Bakes blog-this girl does everything funfetti!! I'm talking granola bars, pancakes and even oatmeal!!
Instead of using funfetti cake mix I used sprinkles as my fetti in a basic white cake recipe.
Here's to a Valentine's Day cupcake!!

I used softsilk cake flour this time hoping for a lighter cake but it was still a little dense-I think it's me and something I'm doing wrong-I'm going to keep trying different recipes:)

My "funfetti":)

I just poured the sprinkles in with the cake mix.

poured them into liners and baked them.

I used pink melting candy to make these hearts.

Frosted the cupcakes

Maybe more sprinkle???;)



  1. I love anything with a heart/Valentine's theme and these little funfetti cakes are perfect. I am a fan of Magnolia's buttercream as well.

  2. These cupcakes looks so pretty! Perfect Valentine's treat!

  3. Like the look of bits and pieces of the funfetti inside these cupcakes. what a cute surprise!

  4. I love funfetti! These are so cute, especially with the sweet little hearts on top. :)

  5. Total cuteness! My kids would go gaga over that!

  6. Funfetti cupcakes are the best! I love that you used valentine's themed sprinkles. So cute.

  7. I love everything about your gorgeous cupcakes! So cute and perfect for Valentines. x

  8. This is such a cute idea! I'd love to do this for one of my Cupcake Academy parties. :)