Monday, February 14, 2011

Juicy Pomegranate Orange Cupcakes

UPDATE: The Pom website was having problems with their Facebook voting and they have erased all the votes! If you did vote for us, we would love it if you would take the time
and and vote for us once again! :) Just click on the one of the links below and select "Vote"!
Thank you!!
Happy Valentines Day!!

Pomengranate Orange Cupcake with a matching
Buttercream frosting... is there a better word, but yummy?!
The "Juicy" in the title totally describes the frosting, as I was biting
into to it that was the exact word that popped into my mind!

Holly and I created these cupcakes for a cupcake contest we are taking part in
through POM Wonderful!
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And to check out our competition! :)
UPDATE: Voting starts at 11:oo am 2/14/11!!

Pom has developed a concentrate that saves a lot of time
from having to reduce the juice yourself!
Pom was gracious enough to offer us a sample and
allow us to enter their Valentines cupcake contest!
We are always up for a new challenge (okay, I won't lie... we wanted to
give up several times!!!)!!

Look at all the nummy frosting piled on top! sweetness!
You can also see the layers of Pomegranate and orange in the cupcake!

Hearts...there isn't a better way to celebrate Valentines Day! :)

Thanks for supporting us!!


  1. So adorable and delish! I would be pleased if this was my Valentine treat.

  2. Pom and orange go perfectly together. They look very pretty in pink:)

  3. how cute are these!!! look perfect for valentines day- i am bookmarking these!

  4. Very sweet! Im sure the flavors are wonderful together!