Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chicken Bacon Artichoke Bake

Here is a dish fit for the cold weather!
It's comfort food through and through-with chicken, bacon, artichoke AND stuffing-can't go wrong there!!
This was a very easy and fast meal to put together too:)

First up: grill the chicken-this isn't totally necessary it just makes it that much better tasting!
I used my little indoor Foreman grill-worked perfectly:)

My favorite-artichokes!!

Chop 'em up
Mix together with the chicken

Stir together the sour cream and cream soup and pour over chicken mixture.

Need I say more;)

Chop and mix in with the cheese

top with stuffing-mixed according to box instructions.


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  1. This looks incredible! My bf loves chookes and so I know this would be a hit with him!

  2. Perfect for this weather! Lots of ice around here this morning. This is definitely comfort food and a dish I will have to try!

  3. Chicken and artichokes are a great combo! This is a nice and easy casserole!

  4. Everything about that looks it!