Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gourmet S'mores!!

Oh boy!!
Are these ever yummy!!!
Ok so s'mores are gooey, crunchy and just delish but I wondered is there something we could do to make it a bit different or as my friend Sonya says-exciting!?!
Not that there is anything wrong with the original in any way, shape or form!!
Why not throw a chunk of brownie on in place of the chocolate bar?!
We needed something else though something that would be melty like the chocolate bar and these Ghirardelli white chocolate squares were perfect!:)
So brownie and white chocolate are the secret ingredients...or not so secret!

Here's what you need:
graham crackers
toasted marshmallows
white chocolate squares

bake up your favorite brownie recipe
or use a box mix like I did;)

start stackin'!

graham cracker, brownie then white chocolate square-don't forget the most important part-the toasted marshmallow, top with graham cracker.

Get ready-it's over the top!!


  1. These sounds absolutely yummy! gloria

  2. Oh my heck!!! These look and sound so delicious!!! Nicely done!!!