Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This is a classic recipe.
I like to put Pasty on the menu on cold, rainy days:)
Everyone should have this one for those times when you want something
that reminds you of your youth!
Not that my youth was that long ago!!
heh hee;)
Let's get right to it-
Recipe rundown:
frozen hashbrowns
shredded carrots
chopped onion
turnip-if you want;)
ground beef
cream soup
salt, pepper, garlic salt
pie crust

brown hamburger
quick tip* boil carrots just to soften

lay in bottom crust

top beef with shredded hashbrowns

season and top with cream soup

mix thoroughly

lay top crust over

pinch crust together

bake at 375 degrees for about an hour

Can't beat a quick and wholesome meal like this one:)



  1. Holly, my mother used to make us pasties! I loved them. What a great idea to use cream soup...though I loved them, mom's were always a little bit dry. I bet the frozen hasbrowns cook quickly too! My mom's pasties were not made with a pie tie, but more free form. I have forget about these and I bet my family would love them. Have a great day. Joni

  2. These look fantastic! I've never seen a recipe for these before, because they are quite British. My mum absolutely loves them, so I think I'll just have to surprise her! Thank you!!

  3. I haven't had one in ages! This looks and sounds perfectly comforting.

  4. funny...danny just made that today!

  5. so comforting, i love this dish!