Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Cream

How many of you have heard of snow cream before??? I think it is totally a “south thing”:) My husband and I both grew up in South Dakota around ALOT of snow for many years and we had never heard of it before we moved down south. A couple of years ago it snowed down here and all of a sudden I see “Making some snow cream” all over everyone’s  Facebook status's . So I had to see what all the hype was all about. Here is our take on making snow cream in case there are some of you out there that have never heard or made it before:) If you have made it before we would love to hear how you make it!!! 
All you need is a few basic ingredients: Milk, sugar, vanilla, and snow
Blend: 1c milk, 1/2c sugar, 1/2tsp vanilla
Stir in enough snow to make snow cream to an ice cream consistency.
Some variations: Substitute canned cream for milk for a heavier flavor. Or add Nestles Quick for a chocolate snow cream or use instant cocoa mix. Another variation is to add a raisins and cinnamon or add a beaten egg for a nog taste. Or puree any fruit like a banana and add to the mixture. We have tried the chocolate snow cream and that was really good too!!! Get creative:)
Note:  Always make sure the snow is clean. It takes at least one to two hours for snow to clean the pollutants from the air, then use only snow that has fallen after that. Obviously also make sure that you do not collect the snow where animals or birds have been. Cleanliness first!!!!  
This is a treat even the younger ones can make for the whole family!!!!
Printable Recipe


  1. I grew up in Colorado and my brother and I loved making snow ice cream. I've done the same with my kids here in Missouri;they always thought it was a great treat!
    Thanks for the memories. :)

  2. just made some of this yesterday with the kids! They loved it!

  3. We tried this last year after we got walloped by three blizzards, but this year we haven't had enough snow to try it again. Hopefully before the end of the season....

    By the way, I appreciated your tips about waiting to collect the snow until after the first hour or two. I had no idea that it made a difference.

  4. What? My kids have made it for years! That's crazy you hadn't heard of it. They used to LOVE it too but now they're getting too old...

  5. This brings back childhood memories for me. :) We always made snow cream when it snowed. (I grew up in VA.) Nothing else tastes like it!

  6. i have never seen this! looks so good.... i just need some snow!

  7. This sounds great! My kids would love it. I remember as a kid a friend's mother pouring milk and a sprinkling of sugar on a cup of snow but have never seen it made as yummy as yours.

  8. This sounds yummy Kristi! Thanks for posting it;)