Monday, September 19, 2011

Peach Streusel Coffee Cake

Doesn't the name alone just want to make

you grab a cup of coffee, a fork and dig in??

This coffee cake is so moist and delicious....

beware once you pick up the fork it will be hard to put it down!

This recipe was adapted from the Chronicles of Windy Ridge's

Apple Coffee cake... check it out!!

Very delish!!

Cream shortening and butter until light and fluffy...

Throw in a couple of eggs and vanilla; beat.

In another bowl, mix your dry ingredients:


baking powder

baking soda


Add dry ingredients and sour cream to mixture...

Add your peaches...

Don't skimp on the peaches!!! We used frozen peaches

and we were wishing we had added more!

Stir it all in!

Pour into greased pan.

For the topping: brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter.

Sprinkle the top with the topping and walnuts or pecans...

ready for the oven!


The recipe says to cool completely... if you can wait; do it!!!

Printable Recipe


  1. i dont have peaches on hand right now but i do have thanks for giving my another apple recipe michelle...haha!!!!

  2. Ahhh this looks awesome!! I can never wait for desserts to cool ;)

  3. That looks super good, and the peaches are in season right now so...

  4. Oh goodness, yes please! This is irresistible!

  5. This is, for sure, a winner. I can't great peaches like you have but I am willing to compromise for this cake.