Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Squash Turkey Burger

What better way to kick off Summer than with a burger!!!
Yay!!!! Summer is finally here!!!
At least the calendar says it is...;)

This burger is perfect with or with out a bun.
Sometimes when its hot it's kinda nice to just use a "lettuce" bun:)

Turkey has a tendency to be a little dry so I added summer squash, red onion, and parsley-it made these burgers moist and delicious!
I topped them off with a Pomi sauce I came up with to season it up even more!
The link above goes directly to their Facebook page.

You could also add some fresh chunks of avocado for a little bit of a creamy texture.

Try this one out-its yummy!
Be on the lookout here for lots more burgers for your next cookout:)



  1. i have been trying to eat burgers without buns more recently... this is gorgeous- love all of the avocado on top!

  2. Oh my heavenly days! I am drooling to make this.

  3. YUMMO! This turkey burger sounds wonderful Holly! I love eating burgers with lettuce wraps instead of a bun : )

  4. so yummy and healthy for the summer, love it!

  5. I think the avocado adds a great touch of summer to this already summery burger :) Hope you're having a great week!