Monday, June 13, 2011

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Who doesn't love a good fried cheesestick dipped in Marinara Sauce?!?!?!

Here is a little different take on how to make them at home

adapted from the Food Network Magazine.

Using a mozzarella cheese stick and an egg roll or spring roll wrapper

makes these cheese sticks simple to whip up!

Start by brushing one egg roll wrapper with an egg and milk wash.

Place cheese stick on wrapper in corner closest to you and start rolling....

Tuck in the ends and keep rolling!

Dip wrapper in the egg wash....

and then your bread crumb mixture.

(we double dipped ours for a little more crunch!)

Start stacking them up and move on to the next one!

Heat oil to 325° and fry cheese sticks.

Watch carefully so all the cheese doesn't ooze out!

Serve with Marinara/Pizza Sauce.

Grab one while they are hot... they will be gone soon!! :)

Printable Recipe


  1. OMG....I love the idea of using a wonton wrapper. I could never make these though because I would eat them all:)

  2. So...I want these for breakfast. Like right now! :-p Looks fantastic! And so crunchy...mmm...

  3. What a fun variation on mozzarella sticks!

  4. i had never thought about the egg roll wrapper- such a great idea!