Monday, July 11, 2011

Another take on the hotdog!

Now that Summer is in full swing.... grillin' is also in full swing!

I have a serious love for hotdogs on the grill!!!

The Food Network Magazine (June 2011) had a great layout with

World-Class Hotdogs .... we decided to give them

a try (I think some people were getting sick of the plain dogs!!)!

We chose their American Dog...


BBQ Sauce,

Pulled Pork....

topped with some coleslaw!

Serve with a side of Marinated Mediterranean Salad

and a yummy Strawberry drink (recipe coming soon!).


  1. I am a total hot dog fanatic, and these sound amazing!!

  2. I always love to see different toppings for hot dogs. Love the pulled pork and coleslaw; makes a plain old hot dog a lot more substantial.

  3. Oh my goodness... This sounds like the ultimate hot dog!! *drool* : )

  4. holy hot dog those look great!